Alcove Yoga

An Iyengar Yoga refuge in the City of Houston.

We think you’ll enjoy the small yoga classes and personal attention given at Alcove Yoga. Pauline Schloesser, Ph.D., is the Director and primary teacher. She is a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

At the Alcove, Houston yoga students are taught how to progress from posture to posture, class to class, and year to year. Each yoga class will be mindful and fresh for a specific purpose or theme. Typical experiences from dedicated yoga students include better body awareness, greater mobility and balance; reduced pains, and increased ability to handle emotional upheavals with equanimity.

The Alcove is a well-equipped studio in the Houston Heights. We feature the Great Yoga Wall, a patented rope wall system that allows for specialized traction to work more deeply in the chest and shoulders, hips and legs, and spine; and provides extra and support for challenging postures such as standing twists. Come and check out our yoga classes. Whatever your level or ability, you will be challenged and supported to deepen your yoga practice or make progress in your postures.

Students welcome you to Alcove Yoga Houston Texas