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Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a time of transformation in a woman’s life. At Alcove Yoga, we offer a warm and sincere environment for you to learn yoga–a powerful tool to guide your transition. Our goal is to empower you to become a fully conscious and confident agent in your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Continuing your yoga practice after pregnancy will also give you resources to meet the challenges of parenthood with calmness and joy. Finally, our format will allow you to connect with a group of women during your pregnancy and beyond, as you grow your family.

Our program allows current yoga students to start immediately in their pregnancy; new students to our studio may start at 13 weeks of pregnancy. We will not take registrations from those over 20 weeks pregnant.

We’ve outlined some “success factors” below for you to consider as you determine whether the Alcove Yoga Prenatal Yoga Program is a good match for you.


1. An openness and receptivity to learning Iyengar Yoga during your pregnancy. 

Our practices, from BKS Iyengar and his family in India, have evolved over decades and been tested with thousands of students. We have a purpose behind everything we teach. If you’re practicing some other kind of yoga, you may get confused by our instructions, or fall back on habits that may inhibit your progress. Our method is not casual, so it’s important to be “all-in” and be willing to learn ways of doing that will be different from what you may have learned elsewhere.


2. A home practice is key to success. 

When you make the transition from being a consumer of yoga to a practitioner of yoga, you take charge of your wellness. With a short daily practice of 15-30 minutes, you will feel better, sleep better, improve your mood, and think more clearly. Your baby will also benefit as you take care of yourself. We are here to support you, so feel free to ask for help during or after class.


3. An Iyengar yoga book for pregnancy. 

We strongly recommend that buy at least one of the books listed here:


4. Props for home practice. 

You will need

  • One bolster (two is even better)
  • 3 blankets
  • 2 blocks
  • 6-ft. belt
  • A yoga chair is also a great help, but not absolutely necessary.

Highest quality Blankets, Bolsters, Belts, and Backless Yoga Chairs are for sale at competitive prices at Alcove Yoga. For mats, we recommend the true blue mat sold at; Cork Blocks can be purchase at


5. A monthly registration. 

Initial fee is $129 for first 28 days for 4 classes, one per week. Thereafter, the price is $110 per 28 day period. Tuition is charged at the beginning of your 4-week period. Your registration will be ongoing until you deliver unless you inform us that you no longer wish to continue. This is a monthly registration whether you attend all or no classes. There is no refund or credit for missed classes.


6.  Please fill out the registration form.

If all of this sounds good to you, we’d love to have you join us.

Prenatal Application

Registration for the Virtual Alcove Yoga Prenatal Yoga Program