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Are you interested in teaching Iyengar Yoga? We are expanding our courses and looking for passionate students of yoga interested in learning the art and science of teaching Iyengar Yoga™. Candidates for our program should have at least 1 to 3 years as dedicated Iyengar Yoga students and be seeking to help carry forward the most thorough and precise yoga tradition in the world. Yoga Alliance registrants are also welcome, provided you are interested in Iyengar Yoga immersion.

Our training program

Our training program comprises (1) Regular practice of Iyengar Yoga with Pauline Schloesser, Ph.D., CIYT Int. II, and studentship in other appropriate classes at Alcove Yoga; (2) Teacher Gathers, and (3) Opportunities for progression to apprenticeship, substitute teaching, and ultimately teaching a regular course under your name at Alcove Yoga.

Studentship at Alcove Yoga

Aspiring teachers in Iyengar Yoga will be asked to purchase a monthly membership, at $109 / per month. This membership allows you to come to 8 classes per month, or roughly 2 classes per week. And consider attending 3 classes per week, with the premium membership at $125.

Teacher Gathers

You will also be invited to “Teacher Gathers,” which are free of charge and take place on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons once per month. At teacher gathers, aspiring and current teachers spend two hours in the Alcove studio, practice-teaching to each other with Pauline observing and mentoring. These are excellent opportunities to develop and improve your teaching skills in Iyengar Yoga.

Opportunities for Apprenticeship

We have some classes that offer opportunities for learning by assisting the teacher. These include Prenatal classes, Iyengar Ignite!, and therapeutic classes for minor ailments.

Yoga Alliance Registrants

While your Yoga Alliance registration is valued, Iyengar Yoga has its own methodology. You must be able to enter our classes with a “beginners’ mind,” open and receptive to learning something new. Our ways may be contradictory to what you have learned from others. We don’t mix methods, so you have to be completely and unequivocally devoted to practicing exclusively Iyengar Yoga while in training at Alcove Yoga.

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